Kathmandu valley: Kathmandu is a capital city of Republic of Nepal is in beautiful valley. The Kathmandu valley (1450 M) is famous for scenic beauty, beautiful countryside, ethnic settlements, and pilgrimages of holiest shrines for Hindus and Buddhists. There are seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu valley (400 sq. km.) itself. Kathmandu valley has three regal cities called Kathmandu, Lalitpur (Patan), and Bhaktapur.

Places of interest in Kathmandu: Balaju Water garden, Narayanhity Durbar Museum, Casino, etc.

Places of Interest in Patan: (Krishna Temple, Kumari chowk, etc.), Hiranyavarna Mahabihar, Kumbheswore Temple, Asoka Stupa, Godawari Botanical Garden, Tibetan Refugee Camp, etc.

Places of Interest in Bhaktapur: Golden Gate, Nyatpole Temple, Dattatreya Temple, Bhairavnath temple, Taumadi tol, etc. Kailashnath Mahadev Statue is the world's tallest Lord Shiva statue is another attraction which is placed in Sanga border with Kavrepalanchok.

Countryside of Kathmandu valley: The countryside in the valley are cultural and heritage sites. Sankhu, Sundarijal, Gokarna forest, Kirtipur, Bungmati village, Chapagaon and Bajra Barahi temple, Thimi, Chobhar, Dakhinakli Temple, Lele, etc. are famous destinations which are easily accessed by car.

Rim of Kathmandu valley: There are many resort towns on the rim of Kathmandu valley. Such resort sites are very panoramic and are best spots to see a large range of Himalayas and also the best point to witness Sunrise and Sunset. A very old trading post, Chandragiri now a resort town, is on the southwest rim which is accessed by cable car from Thankot. Nagarkot on the northeast rim is the most visited resort town in the rim of Kathmandu valley. Nagarkot is famous for Sunrise and Sunset view. Dhulikhel, Hatiban, and Daman are other famous resort towns in the rim of valley. Dhulikhel and Hatiban are famous for countryside tour. Daman has widest Mountain View. Such resort towns are best accessed by car. However one day or two days hiking in and around rim of the valley will give you a glimpse of trekking in Nepal.